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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning

Evacuate air conditioning system and recover old Freon, inspect and adjust drive belt tension, test compressor operation, fill up with to 2 lbs. of R314 Freon, check for leaks and clean condenser fins if needed



Wheel Alignment

Set camber, caster and toe on four wheels (where applicable), set tire pressure to manufacture’s specifications, road test, 6 months/ 6,000 mile warranty, cams and shims may be extra

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Brake Image

Brake System Repair

Complete brake system inspection to include: check master cylinder, inspect emergency brake, inspect drum and rotors, inspect brake pads and shoes, inspect brake lines and hoses, inspect calipers and wheel cylinders, check brake fluid

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Cooling System Repair

Coolant system service includes: checks antifreeze, belts and hoses, drain old antifreeze and refill with up to 1 gallon new antifreeze, most cars and light trucks. Radiator Flush Service include: flush the entire cooling system to clean it, then all debris and worn out coolant is completely removed from the system, add fresh new premium coolant, up to 4 gallons, add conditioners to prevent and rust and corrosion, sealer is included to prevent leaks, most cars and light trucks,

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Flat Repair

Dismount and mount passenger tire, inflate to correct air pressure, check valve stems

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Lube and Oil Change Image

Lube & Oil

Drain old oil and replace with up to 5 quarts Quaker State motor oil, replace oil filter with Premium Quaker State Oil Filter, lube chassis if applicable, check all engine vital fluid levels, most cars and light trucks

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Various maintenance packages

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Shocks and Struts

Shock and strut replacement

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State Inspection

State Inspection

Our Technician will perform a Utah State Vehicle Inspection.

Tire Rotation Featured Image

Tire Rotation

Rotate all four tires, inspect tires and set tire pressure to manufacturer specs, torque lug nuts to manufacturer specs

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Transmission flush service


Replace transmission fluid in the complete transmission, flush out any impurities that could contaminate the new fluid with state-of-the-art equipment, a transmission flush should be done every 30,000 miles, most cars and light trucks

computer spin balance

Wheel Balance

Computer spin balance your tires to ensure proper handling, smooth ride and maximum tread life, balancing will eliminate vibration for a more comfortable ride, will help eliminate unusual tire wear patterns, weights included

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Wiper Blades Replacement

Wiper Blades

Install new premium wiper blades, wiper blades should be checked every 6 months, improve visibility in bad weather conditions by having new blades installed on your car today, most cars and light trucks



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