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Michelin Tires

Bargain Tire sells ​Michelin tires ​for light truck, passenger, and high performance vehicles throughout Pocatello at our Chubbuck tire store. We carry the Michelin Defender, Latitude, LTX, Premier A/S, and the Pilot Sport tires, along with several other Michelin tire lines. With a long history of providing tires that make your car more fuel efficient and safer, Michelin tires promise to make your driving experience more enjoyable. It's the one of the best upgrades you can make.

In everyday conditions, most tires perform well. It's in difficult situations that great tires make all the difference. For ultimate peace of mind on the road, choose Michelin tires that can handle anything. Michelin​ tires are designed to last long with increased fuel efficiency, so you get more for your money and you save in the long run.

At the center of Michelin's brand is the ​Total Performance​ program, which aims to create tires that cover all of your needs ­ grip, durability, longevity, fuel efficiency, comfort and handling ­ all combined into each tire they sell. Michelin takes their findings from their global research center and from the toughest lab ever – motorsports – and applies it to your day­to­day tire. Through years of continued research and testing, Michelin has developed tires that cover all your needs in one. With the confidence that all your needs are covered, you can have peace of mind and enjoy your drive.

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"I was looking for a specific set of Michelin tires for my 4­Runner. I couldn't find them anywhere locally, and was about to buy them from a random online store, but decided to call Bargain Tire in Chubbuck to be sure. They didn't have the tires in­stock, but it turns out they were able to order the tires really quickly and for a lower price than I had seen anywhere else, including the online shops. I called on a Thursday at 5 pm and the tires were in­stock and ready to install at 9 am the next morning. I'll only buy from Bargain Tire now."

-Dusty in Pocatello, Idaho

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Read what people are saying about their Michelin tires:

"These 4 tires are the best Michelins I have had on my vehicle. This is the third set of Michelins, the other two were Hydro Edge, which were excellent as well but did not give the nice ride like these Defenders. The other wonderful difference in these Defender tires is that my minivan handles like it has never handled before in the 22 years I have owned it, since it was brand new. I hope Michelin continues to make the Defender."

Nancy, Reviewing the Michelin Defender Tires

"I live on the Oregon coast and commute 60 miles each way to work on twisty, rainy roads. At nearly 50k on the odometer it was time to replace the originals. I must say the car has been transformed. Previously commuting was quite the white knuckle experience. The car feels much more secure around curves and braking is remarkably better! I can honestly say I have no complaints." ​

Kenny, Reviewing the Michelin Premier A/S Tires

"I have had these on my 2004 Suburban for over two years and 40,000 miles and could not be happier. They are great performers in all kinds of weather and are on track to be a 70,000K+ tire. I doubt we will be trying any other tire when we replace these but if we do, it will certainly be a Michelin!" ​

Ben, Reviewing the Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tires

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